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I’m very happy that Barack Obama won the presidency of the United States.

Seal of the President of the United StatesHere’s what I wonder. His campaign amassed millions of emails and addresses. Just his campaign for announcing Senator Biden as his Vice President brought in millions of SMS numbers. His campaign brought out millions of supporters to canvas for him, to put him in office.

I hope and wonder if he can continue to use those assets, that massive database. To keep the mailing list active as President of the United States, to text us when he needs to engage us. To drop a line on Twitter in addition to a White House Press Secretary. To podcast the radio address and blog from the Oval Office.

Most important, I wonder what an America would look like if the Obama campaign’s supporters become the Obama presidency’s volunteer corps, millions of Americans being directed and taking guidance from the White House as they were from campaign headquarters, cleaning up rivers instead of canvassing for votes, feeding the hungry at soup lines instead of voting lines.

I’m more than willing to continue hearing from President Obama on Twitter, on my phone, and in my inbox. I’m more than willing to join up and volunteer, too.

Perhaps this is the start, as Gradon Tripp put it, of a Digital New Deal. Count me in.

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President Obama: A Digital New Deal? 1 President Obama: A Digital New Deal? 2 President Obama: A Digital New Deal? 3

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