You must be passionate about what you do and what you believe in. You must be passionate, emotional, even a little overzealous, because it’s that passion that will keep you going when times get rough… like now. The passion to make a difference, to be more than the sum of your experiences, to want to promote something greater than just you will make hard decisions easier, forming friendships faster, gathering allies to your cause smoother. Passion will drive you and awaken in you the hero that cannot fail, that cannot be swayed, that cannot be broken.

Arizona SunrisePassion will clear your vision, open your mind, and brighten your heart. Passion is a virtuous circle – the more passionate, the brighter shines your light – which in turn inspires you again to shine ever brighter.

These are dark times. We need each other’s light more than ever.

Here’s the greatest secret of all:

Passion, like happiness, is waiting there in front of you.

Will you pick up the mantle and become a champion?

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