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Truffa brand purified drinking water delivers refreshment like few other bottled waters. Inspired by the Italian village of San Pellegrino in Terme, Truffa starts with delicious cold water from the same source as the famed Ice Mountain waters, a highly publicized and recognized source of great water.

We don’t stop there, though. Truffa is triple filtered in a unique processing system for bottled water, involving state of the art styrene methyl methacrylate copolymer filtration systems, food-grade activated carbon, and ion resin exchanges.

After that, in yet another advance in purified drinking water, Truffa brand purified drinking water is energized with a powerful 21% oxygen mixture to provide a clean, crisp taste.

WaterfallsUnlike other bottled waters, Truffa brand purified drinking water is artisan-crafted, all natural, and strictly supervised by experts throughout the purification process to ensure that you get only the best, most refreshing water possible.

Once crafted, Truffa is bottled in elegant solid glass to ensure that no impurities from manufactured plastic corrupt the purity of our water on its way to you.

Of course, a water this sophisticated and pure isn’t for everyone. But for those who choose Truffa, it’s unparalleled refreshment.

Does this sound good? Would you buy this?

Here’s the part that you don’t see.

Truffa does not exist. It’s an Italian word for scam. Bottled at the same source as Ice Mountain? That’s Framingham tap water, courtesy of the MWRA. The SMMC filtration system? Styrene methyl methacrylate is the long name for the plastic that a Brita pitcher is made out of. 21% oxygen mixture? That’s the natural amount of oxygen in the air. So here’s what’s behind this bottled water:

1. Put tap water into the Brita.
2. Pour filtered tap into a glass bottle.
3. Shake briefly.
4. Resell at ridiculous markup.

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I endorse Truffa brand bottled water! 1 I endorse Truffa brand bottled water! 2 I endorse Truffa brand bottled water! 3

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