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I’ve been to a lot of conferences.

I’ve gotten a lot of people’s business cards.

I’ve been less than perfect about managing them all.

Business card pile

Today I’ve hooked up with a company that is going to handle it from now on.

Shoeboxed handles bulk business card scanning. Mail them the pile after a conference, get back a datafeed and the originals in the mail. Excel, CSV, PDF, whatever.

For anyone who has had to manage more than a few business cards after a conference, you know how good this will be for you.

Full disclosure: I signed up as an affiliate. I will earn a very small amount of money if you sign up and buy through this link:

Sign up for ShoeBoxed for automated bulk business card scanning.

And that crate of cards? Going out the door TODAY. Buh-bye data entry.

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I'm ditching my business card pile 1 I'm ditching my business card pile 2 I'm ditching my business card pile 3

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