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Dave Delaney sent me a Simplifi from Griffin Technology to review. OK, Dave, here’s the review.

First, this thing is small and cute. Nice design, feels solid.

Blogola photos

Blogola photos

It’s a combo iPod dock and 2 port USB hub and flash card reader.

Blogola photos

That’s it in a nutshell, right?

Not quite. Because this thing purports to be a hub of sorts for your desktop, I thought I’d beat the crap out of it, so to speak.

So I loaded it up. Order my iPod to resync everything. Put a card with 900 images in it. Connected my USB external hard drive and started playing a Matthew Ebel concert in DV quality on it.

Blogola photos

How’d it do? I was surprised. I was expecting it to choke, and it didn’t. The video throughput from the external hard drive remained consistent, and iPhoto and the iPod both did fine.

For a consumer device, that’s pretty damn amazing. No choking, no failing, just doing what it’s supposed to. It’s not the sexiest thing in the world, but it passed a throughput test like a champ. Nice work, Griffin. I’ll be carrying this on the road with me a lot.

One criticism: two USB ports? That’s it? There’s enough room on the back for two more. Come on, four port powered hub!

If you want to buy one of these, Amazon has them for about $40. Disclosure: paid affiliate link for the Student Loan Network.

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  1. im using one of these. very cool

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