Google’s announcement of Chrome, their new open-source browser, was greeted with a relatively lukewarm reception online today.

Here’s the part that a lot of folks missed, from the Chrome comic book. (yes, a comic book)

Google Chrome, Page 10

Get it?

If your SEO efforts aren’t up to par, Google’s ignoring you in the testing of their browser, too.

If their browser achieves any level of success, Google will test against your site – if you rank.

Now this part is the gem, the part that marketers NEED to pay attention to, or ignore at their peril.

Google Chrome Page 19

If users think your site is worth remembering, Chrome will do it for them.

If your site ranks for your keywords, Chrome will suggest it – IN the browser itself. No need to be using Google suggest.

Seth Godin is fond of saying that if you make your content remarkable, you win.

Google Chrome now says if you make your content remarkable, they’ll market it for free to their users directly in the OmniBox.

We’ll see how this new browser does, but marketers – pay heed.

Google Chrome debuts September 2.

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