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For fun, I logged into Twitter tonight and checked the followers page. To my great surprise, it seems as though about half of the people I thought I was following are not, so it’s an evening of re-syncing Twitter to follow friends old and new who I thought I was in sync with.

The scale of it almost makes me think that Twitter did a database rollback of some kind. Very strange.

I’m also taking the Chris Brogan philosophy of Twitter following, too. Unless you’re an obvious spambot, I’ll follow back whether or not I think you’ve got anything of value to say. This is the surest way to de-fuse the criticism that I follow some and not others (and yes, some people have actually said that!) – by devaluing my Twitterstream to near uselessness, I achieve equality of everyone’s voice. No one’s voice is greater than anyone else’s, because I can’t hear any of it. Not that I could anyway, with Twitter’s reliability being in the toilet lately.

Short summary: if you suddenly got a notice saying I was following you, this is why – re-syncing Twitter.

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