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Hat tip to Guy Kawasaki for this one.

Watch this video from Cisco.

Brain buster.

This reminds me of the first time I used talk on a Digital VAX, back in 1993. Talk was a UNIX-based synchronous chat client, and a fairly ugly one at that. I remember talking to folks I met on other UNIX systems at Harvard, Drew, and schools all over the world via this black and green terminal.

The Cisco 3D teleconference is the same for me. This technology is just taking its first baby steps, and what it will look like in just 15 years is as unfathomable as where the Internet is today from my freshman year in college – when talk was insanely cool.

How will college change when you can virtually attend anywhere?

How will medicine change when a world class surgeon can remotely guide you as if he were standing next to you?

How will politics change when you can’t shoot at someone at the podium?

How will business change when you don’t need to get on a plane?

How will family change when Grandma and Grandpa can visit without leaving home?

Moments like this make me very happy.