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So I made a short video this morning and submitted it to CNN.

My coverage on CNN

My coverage on CNN

Upsides – the video got aired. They did keep the mention of the podcast.

Downsides – no link love, and they removed the titling, which I wasn’t terribly concerned with, but they did strip the credit for the music for Matthew Ebel.


5 responses to “CNN I-Reporter Stuff”

  1. Bummer they cut the credit’s to Matthew at the end though, but Great work!

    We had a mixup at our polling station in South Boston for my wife and I since we moved mid-year in ’07. But it was resolved and we did our part too.

    Take care

  2. How do you go from moderate Libertarianism to Obama?! Nice vid anyways!

  3. Good question, Justin. The short version: the moderate Libertarian candidate in this election stands exactly ZERO chance of getting elected. The Republican candidates in the lead are either business as usual or NUTJOBS who disavow things like science, so from a narrow palette, Obama’s my choice. Particularly since Hillary is more of the same politics I generally despise.

  4. Chris, I saw the original video and I’m delighted that you made it to CNN. Good for you! Too bad about the titles and the credit.

  5. […] Chris’ Super Tuesday Video gets picked up by CNN, the sleeping giants of media awaken, blatant plug for The M Show, and yes – podcasting is back! […]

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