For those folks who – like me – aren’t pub crawlers (I am grossly incompetent at it AND genetically Asian, meaning that alcohol and I have a twisted relationship), I’d like to invite you to an INFORMAL working group session at or around 9 PM Saturday evening (after Jeff Pulver’s PodCamp Party) at the Westin Hotel next to the BCEC to discuss podcast marketing. The general topic for the evening will be, “Hey, how do we explain this stuff better, because we really suck at it”, and tackles a vitally important point Mignon Fogerty (Grammar Girl) raised on Twitter: “There are 100 million iPods out there. Aren’t they the low hanging fruit?”

Bring your ideas, stuff that has worked for you, and stuff that hasn’t, plus anything else as we all have a group head shed to see if we can come up with some powerful new ideas. This is NOT an official PodCamp session at all.

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