If I were a true Dark Lord of the Sith…

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… I’d write a Facebook application that would silently download every scrap of data in the FQL accessible database silently, amassing it into a huge database and cross referencing it with other data collected from other sources. You know, stuff like all your photos (handy for blackmail!), your friends (handy for marketing!), your birthdate (handy for identity theft!), your groups (handy for marketing!), all that good stuff that marketers and evildoers normally have to pay out huge dollars for.

Of course, I’d need to disguise my super-evil application as something cool, something that leverages innate human weaknesses, so that people wouldn’t think twice about installing my application and hitting OK without reading all of the terms of service.

You know, like a Red Sox vs. Yankees application. Or a Patriots vs. Rams application. Or Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Ninjas, or Pirates.

Sadly, I’m not a true Dark Sider like that. But I’ll bet you someone else is, and you’ll never know. Actually, you might. Look for news about Facebook applications being sold for massive dollar amounts. Bet your Red Saber that the app itself is secondary to a massive database included with the sale.


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