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Looks like a busy morning on Facebook. Rather than try to reply to everything there, I thought I’d have some fun here instead.

Sorry, Steve Webb, I won’t be at PME. Equally sorry, Bill Sobel, for not being able to make it for another NYMIEG. Wayne Cook, I’m still not attending any of that stuff. Most of it isn’t relevant to me, as I’m American and your invitations are largely Canadian. Maybe look up Amaya Thompson? She’s Canadian.

Chris Johnston, cool app idea for the business card thing, but also, no on that. I’m trying to cut down on Facebook apps. They scare me a little. Same is true for TV Trivia, Jaan Lutter. No offense intended. Jeffrey, no on Top Friends as well. Top Friends is too elitist for my tastes. Aruleba Grace: no, I’m not going to become a werewolf, pirate, vampire, zombie, or sandwich. And I’m already a ninja in real life.

Bob Rains, thanks for the tequila in the Booze Mail app, but I’m still not installing it, and besides, tequila is too generic a term to send me. There’s a difference between Cuervo and El Tesoro de Don Felipe. Same for the coffee. There’s a huge gap between Folger’s and a Sumatra Mandelhing 2005.

Neda, no need to compare us. You’re WAY more attractive than I am, probably smarter, and 12 years my junior.

Mohammed Naser, you don’t strike me as the type to go to luaus often, but thanks for the invite nonetheless.

Did I answer everyone piling onto my Facebook page today? Except Kfir – dude, I RARELY check Facebook’s messaging system. Email me instead! I rarely check any social network’s messaging system, actually, because 99% of the messages are garbage.

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