Awaken YOUR Superhero Powers : Power 6 of 10 – Transcendent Wisdom

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Awaken YOUR Superhero Powers : Power 6 of 10 – Transcendent Wisdom

Prajna Paramita
Transcendent Wisdom

As part of my every thought, word, and action, I am inspired by the heroic ideal of knowing highest truth. I keep sight of the big picture!

Have you ever gotten so caught up in the details of an argument that you forgot completely what you were arguing about in the first place? Have you ever had the experience of looking back at an argument days or weeks later and even laughing about it with the person you were arguing with?

The superhero power of “transcendent wisdom” sounds kind of funny, but it’s very authentic. Have you ever sat through a traffic jam and just as you got through the bottleneck, looked backwards to see the huge line of cars and thought, “Wow, I sat through all of that?” Transcendent wisdom is the power of being able to “look back” right now – to know that whatever situation you’re facing, not only will it pass, but it will probably be funny or at least a great story to tell in the times to come.

Commit today and every day to take a step back from the entanglements of details to gain a greater appreciation for just how far you’ve come, and inspire your thoughts, words, and actions to power through whatever temporary frustrations and setbacks you might face, knowing you’ll be able to look back with appreciation later.

Thought: Take a moment today to imagine how this day will look in the future, and what you want to be able to remember about how special it was.

Word: In a conversation or blog post, consider how your words will read or be remembered in the future, and communicate skillfully to create great memories for the future.

Action: Examine your to-do list today and accomplish one thing on the list that you will be able to point to in the future as a significant deed.

Endnote: The powers themselves are translated by Senior Master Instructor Stephen K. Hayes from the Enlightened Warrior Gyoja Practitioner Recitation Handbook, published by the Kinryuzan Golden Dragon Mountain Kasumi-An Dojo.


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