Awaken YOUR Superhero Powers : Power 4 of 10 – Effort

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Awaken YOUR Superhero Powers : Power 4 of 10 – Effort

Virya Paramita

As part of my every thought, word, and action, I am inspired by the heroic ideal of courageous, diligent effort. I work to make things happen!

The ability to make things happen, to get motivated to jump in and get the job done, the reputation of the person who always generates the results – these are superhero powers in their own right. Having someone who can create results is good – being the person who can create results is great.

Positive momentum starts with the famous sneaker slogan – just do it. There’s an expression attributed to Voltaire – best is often the enemy of good (enough). Once you get rolling, it’s much easier to build momentum, so the very best time to do something is right now. Be the superhero who leaps into action (thoughtfully, of course) and leads from the front.

Responsibility as a word has been tarnished by people unwilling or unable to act – it’s not an obligation, but the ability to respond, to act, to move forward when no one else is willing to step up.

Commit today and every day to taking responsibility for your life and deciding where you will take your life, rather than where life will take you, in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Thought: Take a moment today to create a to do list, but rather than prioritize solely in terms of importance, focus on what you can get done today.

Word: Is there someone you’ve been meaning to call or write? Stop reading this blog post and go do it NOW.

Action: What have you been putting off that you know you must accomplish? Do it now, do it today, and get it done.

Endnote: The powers themselves are translated by Senior Master Instructor Stephen K. Hayes from the Enlightened Warrior Gyoja Practitioner Recitation Handbook, published by the Kinryuzan Golden Dragon Mountain Kasumi-An Dojo.


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