As many of you know, those who have K7 free call in numbers have to have activity on those numbers every 30 days or they get deleted. Instead of just calling our own, why not call someone else’s today? (call your own too, just to be safe) Here’s the ones listed on

206-202-2974 – The Mind of Men
206-222-9130 – New Comm Road
206-309-7228 – QCast
206-309-7257 – Going Fourth
206-333-1339 – Comedy4Cast
206-339-8723 – Extra Points Fantasy Football
206-350-1208 – Financial Aid Podcast
206-350-2583 – Blue Box Podcast
206-350-4411 – Pod Music 411
206-350-7287 – Patriot World
206-600-4475 – Rumor Girls
206-600-5869 – Sox and Stripes
206-600-6277 – Wicked Good Podcast
206-666-3557 – Podcast Pendulum
206-888-4274 – Accident Hash
206-888-6465 – Net Results
206-984-2233 – U Turn Cafe

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