8 things about me… or at the least, my iTunes

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I was trying to come up with 8 things about me to fit the 8 things meme that [a] are interesting and [b] don’t venture into the boundaries I keep that separate my personal and professional lives. On a whim, iTunes was open, so I thought, hey, what are 8 things in my iTunes that would be interesting?

1. I have almost as much audio as video, disk space wise. I listen to lots of audio.

2. I have actually paid for some of Apple’s games, silly as they are. Nothing kills off 3 minutes in line at a store like Zuma or Bejeweled. I’m tempted to buy the billiards one next.

3. I listen to LOTS of motion picture scores and soundtracks. I have The Crow, Batman Begins, Superman, Star Wars, and anything else that sounds like John Williams.

4. I listen to LOTS of motivation/inspiration stuff too. I have Tom Hopkins sales training, Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, and those sorts of folks.

5. I have an entire album of Tibetan music from Lama Tashi of the Drepung Loseling Monastery. It’s interesting.

6. I own tons of podsafe music, albums that I’ve either bought or been sent. Just about anything that Matthew Ebel has published (willingly or not – I have some rehearsal outtakes in there), Rayko KRB, Anji Bee, Rich Palmer, Rebecca Loebe, Michelle Cummings, Black Lab, iscintilla, Uncle Seth, Rob Costlow, and tons of concerts and things I’ve recorded over the years.

7. Almost all the video I have is stuff I’ve transcoded from iMovie, stuff I’ve made. I don’t watch many video podcasts because I don’t have time. I can listen on the commute, but not watch.

8. Every six months or so, I dump all my subscriptions to podcasts. Delete them. I then re-add any that I can remember. If I can’t remember it, chances are I wasn’t listening to it anyway.

On this twist of 8 things, tell me 8 things about your media collection, Steve Garfield, CC Chapman, Matthew Ebel, someone, Chris Brogan, Jeff Pulver, and Karen Cardoza.


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