Nokia Podcasting on the N91 Handset

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Nokia Podcasting on the N91 Handset

System: 2.20
Software: Podcatching Client 1.00.3 SIS

Here’s what I’ve discovered after having a Nokia N91 for 48 hours…

Risto K. from Nokia flat out said at PodCamp Europe that the only directory Nokia *searches* for podcasts is Make sure your show is listed in there.

Joe Carpenter from Podshow asked about Podshow’s directory listings. Unfortunately for Podshow, they’ve changed the lineup quite a bit in 1.00.3. Here’s a series of screenshots to get to the directories.


Podcasting on the Nokia N91

Featured Podcasts:

Podcasting on the Nokia N91


Podcasting on the Nokia N91

Currently, Blubrry tops the stack in the 1.00.3 release of the client.

More importantly for podcasters, think VERY carefully about how you do your ID3 tags and show titles. This is how much room you get on the N91 for your show titles:

Podcasting on the Nokia N91

I definitely recommend making a short tag that you can glance at to see which show you’re on.

Finally, OPML support for podcasts in the browser on the phone is non-existent. When you click on an OPML file, it tries to load it into a text-based feedreader. If anyone from Nokia is reading, how do I set up one-click OPML to Podcatcher on the N series?

Other tidbit: if you have direct MP3 links on your show notes/blog page, the N91 will download the MP3 file to the music folder, so make sure you’ve got direct links. Between the iPhone and the N-series, direct MP3 links are the currency of the mobile realm for the time being.

Special thanks to CC Chapman for giving me the N91 to experiment with.


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