I’ve been a part of a project called Virtual Hot Wings, which is a fan-generated virtual CD for indie musician Matthew Ebel, who you’ve heard on the podcast a whole lot. I respect Matthew greatly for being a fantastic musician AND for breaking out on his own to do what he loves most, and helped with the creation of this CD. Here’s what is on it:

  • 300 DPI cover art for printing your own jewel case insert
  • 300 DPI label for printing your own CD label
  • 4 complete free concerts of Matthew’s at various venues in Second Life
  • 13 pre-ripped MP3s for use in iTunes or the MP3 player of your choice
  • Matthew Ebel’s press kit – if you know of anyone looking to book a gig with the new hardest working man in music (with respect to the late James Brown), or is looking for corporate music production, please feel free to distribute Matthew’s press kit
  • Two 30 second ringtones for your phone or Skype – Drive Away, and Coffeehouse Interlude

It’s available at https://www.VirtualHotWings.com right now.

Please buy a copy of Virtual Hot Wings. It supports an independent musician and absolutely every penny/Linden goes to him, no middlemen. This distribution model has the potential to help indie musicians everywhere earn a living doing what they do best, and what we love them most for – playing music.

Virtual Hot Wings Now Available 1

Check out the press release here.

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