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“If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being.”

“God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve.”

“I put all the blame legally and morally on the actions of the terrorist, [but America’s] secular and anti-Christian environment left us open to our Lord’s [decision] not to protect. When a nation deserts God and expels God from the culture … the result is not good.”

“AIDS is not just God’s punishment for homosexuals; it is God’s punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals.”

“Blow them all away in the name of the Lord.”

Jerry Falwell, boy am I glad you’re dead. You nearly singlehandedly turned a fine religion into a fundamentalist, greed and hate-based one, and oh yeah, you took it to the bank along the way, collecting over $200 million a year on the backs and name of Jesus Christ. If I were Christian, I’d probably be praising the Lord right now. As a Buddhist with a strong belief in karma, I can’t wait to see what you come back as.