Chris Brogan blogged this morning about today being a day to be nice to someone, so I figured I’d take the contrarian view (sort of) and recommend that today, you be an asshole.


– commit today to no longer communicate or work with people who are poisonous to your well being. You know who they are – rumor mongers, gossips, backstabbers, energy vampires, and generally not nice people. No matter how may debts, markers, favors, or chits they owe you or you owe them, declare your entire relationship null and void, and get away from them. They’ll probably call you an asshole, but that’s life.

– commit today to defining what you will and will not stand for, in relationships, in life, in work. When someone or something tries to push that line, push back. Be firm and resolute about your choices, knowing that you’ve committed to your values. Some people will probably call you an asshole for no longer letting them walk all over you.

– commit today to no longer follow those persons and ideals who lead you nowhere. If your goal is success, why emulate the non-successful? Emulate, follow, and deeply study those people, ideals, and creeds who have achieved what you want to achieve in life. You may find yourself at odds, then, with those around you who have grown comfortable with who you are today, and not who you want to be – and yes, they’ll probably say you’ve become an asshole.

Obviously, you don’t have to be as blunt or direct as I’ve posted here, but if your goal is accomplishment – be it social good, profit, fame, fortune, salvation, whatever – make today the day you reaffirm your commitment to your goal of accomplishment, and begin to leave behind all the obstacles to that accomplishment.

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