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  • Doing a little stumping on LinkedIn for PodCamp NYC. They’re still short about $5K despite massive campaigning. #
  • Going to go hunting for venues for JobCamp now. #
  • Planning out tomorrow’s episode. It’s Financial Aid Podcast #500. Got something to say? 206-350-1208 #
  • In Second Life at Matthew Ebel concert. https://www.MatthewEbel.com/treehouse/ #
  • Matthew Ebel concert MOVED: https://www.matthewebel.com/treehouse #
  • @DrewOlanoff: urltea.com #
  • @JaffeJuice: ask Chris Brogan to do his BarCamp Boston presentation on social networking in the 1700s. It’s phenomenal. #
  • asleep #
  • Off to work. Got new Matthew Ebel bootlegs loaded on the iPod. #
  • Final call for comments for Financial Aid Podcast 500: call 206-350-1208, leave a message! #
  • @Bryper: heck no. The community’s been so generous with feedback, there’s not much show left for me to do 🙂 You all rock! #
  • Pitching in as I can to help PodCamp NYC. Budget shortfall ~ $5K due to venue change. Sponsors needed, financialaidpodcast at gmail.com #
  • PodcastingTricks.com says avoid Google Pay Per Action. I think Scott’s conclusions are wrong. https://www.christopherspenn.com/youve-discovered-the-missing-link/ What do you think? #
  • @jmoonah: Don’t discount Soundtrack Pro. For intense audio editing, it whips the pants off of Audition. For super fast video prod – iMovie #
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