Young Aidan Hatch has managed to create another round of blog tag, asking for 7 songs we like. I got this via Chris Brogan, and had to give it some thought. If I were a parent of a 7 year old online, I’d probably NOT want to see people recommending songs that frankly, as a parent, I’d not want my child to listen to, so here are 7 songs for a 7 year old that are podsafe.

Aidan, if you read this, please remember this simple thing: independent music is the best thing there is, and music from an RIAA record label may cause your mom and dad to get sued and then you’ll be living homeless on the streets, and that would be sad. The only surefire way to protect yourself is to never listen to music from any RIAA label or artist, no matter how cool the other kids at school think they are. Share with them the music YOU will learn about in this blog tag game.

People I tag: C.C. Chapman, Eric Skiff, Ed Roberts, Karen Cardoza, and pretty much all of my Twitter followers. The rules – please link back to Aidan, Chris Brogan, and this post.

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