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Based on what’s in the book of Genesis from the Abrahamic bibles, God created everything in six days.

Day 1. Universe.
Day 2. Earth and water.
Day 3. Land and shrubbery.
Day 4. Seasons, day, and night.
Day 5. Critters.
Day 6. Mankind.
Day 7. Break.

If you assume that God’s calendar works differently than humans, and that the universe, based on the best research available, is between 12 and 16 billion years old, here’s a rough timeline:

Day 1. Universe. 12 billion years ago.
Day 2. Earth and water. 1.3 billion years ago. (Rodinia)
Day 3. Land and shrubbery. 500 million years ago.
Day 4. Seasons, day, and night. We’ll chalk this one up to error as pre-biblical folks weren’t exactly strong at astronomy 5,000 years ago.
Day 5. Critters. 300 million years ago.
Day 6. Mankind. 2 million years ago (homo erectus)
Day 7. Break.

Based on the giant times between periods – 200 million years or more – it’s funny to think that we might still be on Day 7, meaning God’s still out having coffee or whatever it is deities do during their off hours, and probably will be for at least another 180 million years…

Do prayers get an out of the office autoreply? It certainly would explain why a lot of people’s prayers are not answered but occasionally some are. Maybe God checks his messages infrequently when he’s on vacation.