You Ask, I Answer: Generative AI Prompt for Writing Prompts?

You Ask, I Answer: Generative AI Prompt for Writing Prompts?

In today’s episode, discover the power of using AI to generate prompts for other AI models. You’ll learn how to leverage tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude to summarize your interactions and create prompts for future use. You’ll also explore the benefits of incorporating these prompts into system instructions for custom AI tools, enabling efficient and specialized task execution.

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Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Janine asks, “Is there an AI to write prompts for AI?” Yes.

Yes, there is.

All you got to do is ask.

And the way to ask is something like this: once you’ve done a task in the generative AI tool of your choice, the language model tool of your choice, like ChatGPT or Gemini or Claude, you would say something along the lines of, “Great, using all the information we’ve talked about, and all the stuff that we’ve come up with, and all the processes we’ve discussed,” or whatever, “so far today, I would like you to summarize what we’ve done in the form of a prompt for a large language model.

Write the prompt in the second person imperative.” And then have it do that.

And what it will do is it will basically condense your session, your whole conversation, into a prompt.

And then you can take that prompt and reuse it the next time.

Maybe make some edits to it if the tool didn’t summarize it well or you’re unclear.
And critically, in tools like OpenAI’s custom GPTs, or in Gemini’s system instructions, or any of the infrastructures, IBM WatsonX’s system instructions, you can paste that prompt right in as the system prompt and say, “This is—we’re now going to have a custom tool that does this thing.” So maybe, for example—I do this often—I have a prompt for summarizing YouTube transcripts.

And it’s a page or so long.

I have a custom GPT that has that prompt in it.

So now, instead of typing out instructions, I just plop in the transcript, say, “Summarize this, this transcript,” and all the system instructions are already there.

And boom, I’ve got a—I’ve got a specialized piece of software that does that one task really well because the prompt already exists.
That, by the way, is one of the reasons why I keep saying it’s so important to have a prompt library, because you will want to improve these prompts over time and then deploy them, turn them into pieces of software, single-task applications that generative AI infrastructures like custom GPT, or Gemini system instructions are capable of doing.

It’s really powerful, very, very useful.
So yes, there is an AI to write prompts for AI.

And it is the AI that you’re already using.

One caution: generate prompts in the system you’re going to use.

So don’t generate a prompt in Gemini and then go and use it in ChatGPT.

Use the system that you’re prompting so that it’s consistent and it evokes the right memories when you run it the next time.
Thanks for the question.

Talk to you on the next one.
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