Non-Partisan Political Post: No More Excuses Not To Vote

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Political PSA: No matter what party or candidates you’re voting for, do your part for yourself and your neighbors to spread valid information about polling stations and hours.

Voter Information - Google Politics & Elections

Bluntly ask the neighbors that live next door to you, the people down the hall, the roommates you live with, if they know where and when to vote. If they don’t, help them. Show them this web app from Google and CNN. Strongly suggest putting a reminder on their calendars. Knock on their doors on the morning of November 6.

Finally, consider bring your video camera or smartphone with video capability if you have one to your polling station and the laws in your state permit it. In some parts of America, there will be people actively dissuading others from voting, using misleading tactics or outright breaking the law. Record them. Post them to YouTube. Document it if it is legal for you to do so, because your duty as a citizen isn’t just to make sure your vote counts, but to help ensure that every other citizen’s vote is counted as well.

Here’s a guide on video recording your vote:

How To Video Your Vote: A Legal Primer

And some state-by-state laws.

The reality is that the police can’t be everywhere. Election observers can’t be everywhere. But we, the digitally enabled citizen journalists, can in aggregate be everywhere. Use that power or at some point, less scrupulous politicians will work to take that power away from you.

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