A simple blogging survey

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Simple Blogging Survey

I’m trying to find out how often I should be blogging, and need your feedback to determine the best balance between not enough content and too much content.


5 responses to “A simple blogging survey”

  1. abelniak Avatar

    A picture of one of your recipes (and a link) would be better. 🙂

  2. I read three per week, but save them all in Google Reader to either clip to Evernote or read in a group. So…sooner or later I read most of them.

  3. trufflemedia Avatar

    I look at my RSS reader daily and if there is something there I at least see the title, many time reading the body.

  4. I usually only have time to catch the curated stuff from your newsletter.

  5. Thanks Will. I should have been more clear: how often do you read my content!

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