Nearly every child that grew up in a cold climate knows the snowball effect. You take a little snow and roll it along the ground in more snow until you have a ball that grows beyond your ability to move it by yourself, so large does it become.


One of the most powerful things you can do to become a better marketer, a better practitioner of the martial arts, a better Warcraft player, a better anything, is to find a basic technique to practice and get better at every day. This pushes your snowball just a little more across the snow, making it grow.

Have you…

… optimized the content on just one page of your website today?

… written a blog post today?

… posted an interesting photo on Pinterest today?

… refined your DPS rotation on a test dummy in Orgrimmar or Stormwind?

… submitted your website to a link directory today?

… crafted a newsletter article today?

There are so many opportunities to push the snowball just a little bit more.

What will you do today and every day?

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