Push the snowball every day

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Nearly every child that grew up in a cold climate knows the snowball effect. You take a little snow and roll it along the ground in more snow until you have a ball that grows beyond your ability to move it by yourself, so large does it become.


One of the most powerful things you can do to become a better marketer, a better practitioner of the martial arts, a better Warcraft player, a better anything, is to find a basic technique to practice and get better at every day. This pushes your snowball just a little more across the snow, making it grow.

Have you…

… optimized the content on just one page of your website today?

… written a blog post today?

… posted an interesting photo on Pinterest today?

… refined your DPS rotation on a test dummy in Orgrimmar or Stormwind?

… submitted your website to a link directory today?

… crafted a newsletter article today?

There are so many opportunities to push the snowball just a little bit more.

What will you do today and every day?

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4 responses to “Push the snowball every day”

  1. Christina Pappas Avatar
    Christina Pappas

    I write everyday. Sometimes it’s pure crappola but I do it to get in the practice of doing it. Helps me think of things in a structured manner and come to conclusions. And I have really come to enjoy it.

  2. Hi Chris! I am appreciating you for sharing this post. I have totally impressed by reading this post. It is very inspiring to read. Nice post.

  3. Like the way you have put this out Chris, also reminding me of one principle in physical training-the principle of overload.  If we want to increase endurance, muscles should work for a longer period of time than they are used to.  Same with marketing, if we want to grow, we need to push a little bit more everyday.  Thanks.    

  4. finalrune Avatar

    Awesome as always, Chris – but seriously –  “submitted your website to a link directory today” …? I would suggest email a blogger about a guest post or linking opportunity instead.  If anyone knows of a link directory actually worth our time please correct me 🙂

    – Fred

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