When is the best converting time for your marketing?

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Over on the Blue Sky Factory blog you’ll find a tutorial about how to set up Google Analytics to tell you when the best time to send an email is. The little note at the end is actually the biggest benefit of all: the method works for every marketing source, medium, and channel you have out there, not just email. Know when to tweet, when to blog, when to email, when to anything that you can track with Google Analytics. You’ll know your audience better than they know themselves and reap the rewards for it. Go read it.

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4 responses to “When is the best converting time for your marketing?”

  1. I dont believe in any such perfect or you can say a fix best time for any of the things you mentioned, marketing is for humans and human nature is uncertain so you cant have any sort of fix time in it.

  2. How hard would it be to do something similar with twitter? You can’t control how your tweet arrives, would have to use something like hootsuite? I’d love to figure out when my network is most susceptible to taking a look at my artwork.

  3. Did you know that my school district blocks your site because of weapons. You’re more dangerous than I ever imagined.

  4. There are probably cycles that occur because humans are really creatures of habit.

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