At the grocery store, a husband and wife were arguing over a $3 bag of crackers while I tried to vanish in plain sight.

Husband: Look, there’s the crackers we want. And they’re on sale, 10% off.
Wife: I have a coupon for $1 off, let’s use that instead.
Husband: You can’t use both. The 10% sale is better.
Wife: How would you know? The coupon is for a dollar. I think that’s better.
Husband: No! The sale is better!
Wife: No it isn’t! I’m pretty sure the coupon is better!
Husband: The sale is better, you stupid [expletive]!
Wife: Why?
Husband: The sale is better because the sign is bigger!

The power of marketing is such that a bigger sign can defy the laws of mathematics to the computationally challenged.

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