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ETC2010Are you an expert or a connoisseur?

Being an expert in something is one thing, but being a passionate connoisseur of a subject is a completely different level. The expert gets to a level of proficiency and tends to stay there until their area of expertise is rendered obsolete by change.

The connoisseur is ever adapting, ever growing, ever learning, not necessarily because they have commercial demands to meet as much as they want to have the best possible experience for themselves.

This is an important distinction. Experts tend to be externally driven, usually by commercial motives. Connoisseurs tend to be internally driven, demanding the absolute best for themselves. The connoisseur will chase down knowledge, materials, and experiences to extreme ends for a better experience for themselves. The connoisseur is obsessed with having that perfect experience.

Given a choice between hiring an expert on a subject matter and hiring a connoisseur, I’ll take the latter any day, because I know their self-motivation and relentless demand for the perfect experience in their area of passion will keep them growing and changing with the times without any prompting from me.

Here’s the million dollar question: in your chosen profession, in your chosen hobbies, are you an expert or a connoisseur?

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Are you an expert or a connoisseur? 1 Are you an expert or a connoisseur? 2 Are you an expert or a connoisseur? 3

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