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Did you know that your head is basically a giant computer? It’s true. It’s a massive parallel processor that has individual circuits which are not terribly fast (compared to silicon CPUs in your laptop) but that are meshed together to form an incredible supercomputer capable of processing incredible detail.

That said, your head-based computer comes with no manual and the interface is kind of clunky. As a result, many people – possibly you – aren’t getting the most out of it, just as thousands of quad-core silicon computers capable of incredible feats around the world are currently being used to play Solitaire.

How do you improve the output of your head-based computer, your mind? The same way you do on your silicon machine – with better inputs. Let me give you an example.

Have you ever been sitting around with a friend who is single and they lament,

“Why can’t I find a good man/woman?”

While you nod or sympathize or offer hugs and beer, your friend is giving their mind the wrong inputs.

Linguistically, they just asked their mind for a list of reasons why they can’t do something – and their mind will answer. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Star Trek, where the captain of the ship asks the ship’s computer a question, you can imagine the following in the captain’s voice:

Captain: Computer, why can’t I find a good woman?
Computer: [random beeping sounds]
Computer: The following is a list of 18 different reasons why you can’t find a good partner.
Computer: Reason 1: you are 24.5 pounds over your ideal weight for a person of your age and gender.
Computer: Reason 2: your chronic habit of spitting fluids out your nose while you laugh is statistically unappealing to the majority of your desired demographic.
Computer: Reason 3: approximately 44% of your wardrobe is older than 22 years beyond the current fashion trend.
Computer: Reason 4: your hairpiece adhesive has malfunctioned.

… and so on. Get the idea?

When you ask yourself a question about why you can’t, why something bad always happens to you, why your day/week/month/life is going so terribly, your mind will give you the exact answers to that question. You will get the answer to the question you asked, even if the answer is counterproductive.

Logically, the way to get better answers is to ask better questions:

– How can I turn around this situation and make it a win?
– How can I set this up so that we both walk away winners?
– What three things do I need to change to win that guy’s/girl’s attention?
– What can I learn from this scenario?
– What do I respect about that person’s opinion, even though I violently disagree with it?
– What little thing can I do today, right now to improve my blog readership?

Ask yourself questions that encourage your conscious and subconscious minds to focus on the solutions and outcomes that you want. It’s hard – very hard at first – so make sure you verbalize to yourself. You can even throw in an undo. When you catch yourself asking a counterproductive question, literally say to yourself, undo – the question I really meant to ask is… and then ask the question that will give you the solution you need.

You are in charge of the computer between your ears. It’s the same general hardware and software that Einstein, Mozart, Hawking, Obama, Lincoln, and billions of other people have. What they are capable of, what their mental computers can generate in terms of results, you can also generate as long as you use the machine correctly and effectively.

Try it out. Ask the best questions of yourself that you can. I won’t ask what’s the worst that can happen, because I want you to ask yourself, what’s the BEST that can happen?

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