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Mitch Joel created a great meme over the weekend – Pixelated, the 100% virtual online conference, assembled from video footage of conferences past. Since then, lots of folks have created their own riffs on this idea.

It’s brilliant and gets the idea of conferences wrong.

Conferences aren’t about sessions, talking heads, and lecture format, which is what online video captures best.

Conferences are about interaction, collaboration, and meeting people, at least to me, all things that one-way, online video is terrible at.

What is Pixelated, then? It’s pretty much a Gigadial podcast or a Google Reader shared items for video – hand-selected content that you think is important.

Does this make the idea bad? Not at all. It’s especially insightful when you see a Pixelated from someone you respect, like Mitch, because it’s a way of seeing what they think is important. Like seeing their iPod playlist for business, if you will.

But it’s not a conference or an unconference. When you finish a Pixelated, you probably will not have increased the size of your business network or collaborated to create a new meme like bacn or lolsaurs.

Make your own Pixelated. Call it a conference if you like, but realize that it doesn’t fulfill those vital roles of collaboration and interaction, not yet.

How would you add interaction, collaboration, and networking to Pixelated?

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Why Pixelated is brilliant and wrong 1 Why Pixelated is brilliant and wrong 2 Why Pixelated is brilliant and wrong 3

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