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It’s that time of year again in New England:

A Saturday afternoon drive

One of my absolute favorite times of year. One of the best photo opportunities during the year for really great photos.

That said, I’m still a newbie at photography. Yeah, I own a decent amount of gear, but I’m still getting the hang of it.

Here’s what I’m currently using:

– Nikon D40
– Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens (the ultimate walkabout lens!)
– Nikon SB-600 speed flash with Omnibounce in pocket

Here’s my question to you, fellow foliage fans and photographers:

What tips, tricks, locations, and methods do you use for great fall photos that would help a relative newbie? (I know one of them is just play around and try lots of different things, since DSLR “film” is effectively free)

Please feel free to leave links to your own photos in the comments!

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Photographers: What are your fall foliage tips? 1 Photographers: What are your fall foliage tips? 2 Photographers: What are your fall foliage tips? 3

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