It’s hurricane season beginning today. A bunch of folks are predicting above-average activity, meaning more hurricanes than average.

We’re already at $4/gallon for gasoline.

How much would gasoline go up if we get another Katrina?

Gas before Katrina was in the $2.25 range. Then it leaped to $3, $3.50 in places before the markets resumed normal operation. An increase of 36%, give or take.

A similar increase today would put gasoline at $6 or so, assuming it would be available.

So this is the time of year to take the 5 gallon gas can to the local gas station, fill it up, and add a gas stabilizer to keep the fuel usable during longer periods of storage. In a Toyota Prius, 5 gallons will get you from Boston to Montreal or New York City – enough to get out of Dodge if things got unpleasant.

What are you doing to prepare for a potentially above-average activity hurricane season?

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