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It’s hurricane season beginning today. A bunch of folks are predicting above-average activity, meaning more hurricanes than average.

We’re already at 4/gallon for gasoline.

How much would gasoline go up if we get another Katrina?

Gas before Katrina was in the2.25 range. Then it leaped to 3,3.50 in places before the markets resumed normal operation. An increase of 36%, give or take.

A similar increase today would put gasoline at $6 or so, assuming it would be available.

So this is the time of year to take the 5 gallon gas can to the local gas station, fill it up, and add a gas stabilizer to keep the fuel usable during longer periods of storage. In a Toyota Prius, 5 gallons will get you from Boston to Montreal or New York City – enough to get out of Dodge if things got unpleasant.

What are you doing to prepare for a potentially above-average activity hurricane season?