The Story of the Goldilocks Economy

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Quoting Gillian Tett of the Financial Times:

In recent years, the concept of a “Goldilocks” economy has permeated the policymaking world. For after decades of painful economic booms and busts, politicians and central bankers have become wedded to the idea of chasing a growth rate that is neither “too hot, nor too cold, but just right” – as Goldilocks famously said, in reference to her porridge.

I’ll take a moment to make another fairy tale reference. Depending on the storyteller and the story source, there are three bears in the Goldilocks story…

… and in some of those stories, when the bears awaken, they kill her.

Not a good omen for our economy.


2 responses to “The Story of the Goldilocks Economy”

  1. That’s a very good comparison, I should say if each and everyone of us have put in our hearts the things we’ve learned from our fairy tale books when we were young, economy won’t be as bad as this and we all are gonna live happily ever after. Ok, that sounds corny, forget what I just said.

  2. good comparison to a fairy tale reference..but as you’ve said it depends on the story source. if we already know what will happen in the story we can still prevent it not to happen again

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