Laser beam at the iSightJeff Pulver’s hosting Spring VON.x in San Jose the week of March 17. While I can’t make it, if you have any interest in voice or video online, you should.

Top 5 Reasons to go to VON.x

  1. See great speakers give you an idea where things are going for them
  2. Watch a professional conference team put on an event with operational excellence that would make your ops team envious
  3. See Jeff try to broadcast his entire conference from a Nokia N95
  4. Pulver’s All Conference Party. If you’ve been to one, I need say no more.
  5. Cisco gives away laser pointers at their booth on the VON expo floor. Frickin’ laser beams.

With luck, you can make it to VON.x. Wish I could! Register here.

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