Presidential candidate endorsements

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The official endorsement from Christopher Penn for the candidates for President of the United States:

No one. Do your own homework.

There are some candidates that I like more than others, but it’s entirely driven on my beliefs.

  • I believe in a market-driven economy relatively free of government interference except when absolutely needed; the current housing bubble mess is a result of the government meddling in free markets.
  • I believe in curtailing overseas activities, especially combat, until we have our own house in order.
  • I believe in fiscal responsibility, because borrowing against the future is bad for individuals and for societies as a whole.
  • I believe in personal responsibility. If you make bad choices, hard cheese. If you gamble and lose, don’t expect me to pick up the tab.
  • I believe in government minding its own damn business. Abortion, gun control, and religion are all personal choices, and the government should have no say in them.

Based on those beliefs, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who I endorse. If you can’t come up with a candidate that fits that profile…

… neither can I, really.


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