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Occasionally I find myself in environments where I’d like to use the flash because it’s dark, but either I’m so close that the flash will wash out everything, or it’ll give the photo that “frat party photo” feel, neither of which is usually what I’m aiming for. I’ve got a speed flash that can be angled, but I don’t carry it everywhere I go, because at some point I start to look like I need a sherpa. Here’s a fun trick that works almost as well as a real angled flash.

Nikon + iPod trick

Take your iPod touch or other iPod out (this won’t work with an iPhone). Turn it around so the mirrored back is facing the flash. Now hold it right in front of the flash at a 45 degree angle and you’ll bounce the flash off the ceiling. Bang! Instant flash reflector, and chances are I’m more likely to have my iPod with me than the speed flash.

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Nikon D40 + iPod Touch Flash Trick 1 Nikon D40 + iPod Touch Flash Trick 2 Nikon D40 + iPod Touch Flash Trick 3

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