What matters most in social media is the exercise of vital powers. Chris Wilson from Answers for Freelancers twittered and blogged his family’s search for 16 year old Manessa Donovan, his sister-in-law, in the hopes that his social media network could aid his family in their search for Manessa.

I did a few small things here and there on MySpace to aid in the search, but what I thought was most interesting was the contrast between the “Dig a Tech Girl/Guy” debate yesterday and finding a lost person today.

How many people who ardently twittered about the hot guy/hot gal of social media equally ardently twittered to help make a real impact in the life of someone in our new media community? How many people brought the discussion of ways and ideas to help Chris Wilson out in the forefront of conversation?

Which mattered more – who’s a hottie, or who’s in need of help?

To those of you who embraced Chris Wilson’s plea for help as a cause worth promoting, thank you from a fellow new media professional who also cares, and from someone who believes that the power we wield in new media MUST be used to make a difference. Your support, great or small, ALWAYS makes a difference.

If you want to continue helping, Chris Wilson has a blog with updates at SaveManessa.wordpress.com. I’ve got a MySpace page at MySpace.com/savemanessa – please contribute what assistance you can, be it awareness or feet on the ground.

To those of you who embraced the hot guy/hot girl contest promotion but not the help-a-friend-in-need…

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