When Business and Charity Align – The Triple Win of Luck of Seven

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CC Chapman just pointed out an interesting project/book called On The Luck of Seven. The author is traveling around the world and pre-selling his book for 11.11. CC pointed out that it was a good cause and worthy of support.

When I stopped by the site, I saw something else entirely – an opportunity for SEO – search engine optimization. See, the author is doing something smart – he’s letting donors provide link text and links in exchange for donating.

Those of you in SEO know that quality inbound links cost money –250 or more per link per year.  This site is selling good links for $11.11. It’s a steal just on those merits.
On examining the site further, it’s got an estimated PageRank of 5, which is great, and decent numbers with Compete, QuantCast, and Alexa (whose data by itself is suspect, but combined with other metrics gives a relative sense of worth).

Now, it’s not just donation – buyers will also get a kid’s book of some kind. I don’t know what it is, but chances are I’ll flip it to a local charity and bingo – my inexpensive inbound link will transform into a charity writeoff, too.

Helping a cause is nice, but helping a cause and helping your business AND getting a small tax break? It’s a triple win.

Buy it up now!


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