Adam Curry had an interesting post on his travel experiences recently, especially with his TSA experience. I’ve had some interesting experiences with the TSA, and I generally assume I’ll take half an hour to get through security these days.

Frankly, I really worry when the TSA doesn’t pull me aside and search all my belongings. If I were a TSA employee and saw the stuff I carry when I travel, I’d probably request a background check and fingerprints.

On my most recent trip to PodCamp Philly, my luggage contained:

  • A 750 GB external hard drive plus firewire cables and AC adapter
  • A Logitech MM50 media player plus cabling, case, and remote
  • Two sets of headphones, one noise cancelling, plus battery chargers for them
  • A Nikon D40 plus USB cables and battery charger
  • A Sanyo VPC CG65 plus cables and battery charger
  • A MacBook Pro plus cabling
  • A 5 GB iPod plus dock cable, AC adapter, and USB
  • An M-Audio Microtrack plus adapter and charger
  • An Audio Technica PRO/24 condenser mic plus cabling and batteries
  • A Samson C01U large diaphragm condenser mic plus cabling
  • An Airport Express wireless access point plus Ethernet cable
  • Several Ethernet cables
  • Lots of USB to mini-USB cables
  • A Nokia N91 phone plus data cable, car charger, and desktop charger
  • Two USB card readers plus cabling
  • A Plantronic bluetooth headset plus charger

I worry when security looks at all of that in the X-Ray (because I don’t check the luggage – it’s all a carry-on) machine and doesn’t wonder what the heck I’m doing. And all of that, by the way, weighs only 38 pounds.

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