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Awaken YOUR Superhero Powers : Power 2 of 10 – Discipline

Jo Kai
Shila Paramita

As part of my every thought, word, and action, I am inspired by the heroic ideal of ethical discipline. I live my principles!

Ever wonder why Superman doesn’t just do whatever he wants? After all, he’s invulnerable to just about everything, can fly, shoot fire from his eyes and countless other powers. Why doesn’t he just conquer the world?

It comes down to principles. The character of Superman has principles that are as invulnerable as he is. You have them, too, superhero. You have things you believe in, you know right from wrong, and more importantly, you know when you cross that line, when you stray off the path.

Likewise, you know what a fantastic feeling it is when you and what you believe in are perfectly aligned. Those are the days when everything just works, when you feel like you can accomplish anything, inspire anyone, and are on top of the world.

Commit today and every day to live your beliefs with a focused thought, word, and action.

Thought: Take a moment today and every day to find a principle, ethic, or belief in yourself that, privately, you know needs firming up, and find an emotionally satisfying reason to uphold that belief.

Word: In a conversation you have today and every day, find a moment to reaffirm with a friend or to the world the things you believe in – not to evangelize, but to remind yourself of what’s important to you.

Action: During an activity today and every day in which you know you compromise your beliefs – maybe it’s a cigarette you sneak at lunch – recharge your belief that you are WORTH your commitments to yourself, and shut down the little voice that wants you to compromise.

Endnote: The powers themselves are translated by Senior Master Instructor Stephen K. Hayes from the Enlightened Warrior Gyoja Practitioner Recitation Handbook, published by the Kinryuzan Golden Dragon Mountain Kasumi-An Dojo.

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