Blog Day: 5 blogs you probably don’t read, but should

John Wall, host of the M Show and co-host of the best marketing podcast ever made in a Dunkin Donuts, tagged me for Jeff Pulver’s blog day. Since it’s been weighing on my mind lately, here are 5 finance and economics blogs that you should read:

1. Calculated Risk. A blog talking about economics and what’s going on behind the scenes of the world’s economy.

2. Financial Armageddon. Naysayers and pessimism prevail, but if you aren’t reading, you aren’t getting the whole story behind derivatives and hedge funds. These guys pegged The Street for major upheaval way before CNBC.

3. Housing Panic. Keep up on the latest housing bubble news, snark included.

4. The Oil Drum. Thinking about oil? Worried about energy? Thinking about the future? Start here.

5. Freakonomics, the Blog. Economists outside economics makes for fun reading.

I’d also recommend strongly that you plug Bloomberg on the Economy into your MP3 player of choice as soon as possible. And if you can watch Jim Cramer, you should.

Five Bloggers to participate:

Jon Rudy
Donna Papacosta
Bryan Person
Julien Smith
Julia Roy

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