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In a conversation with Bryan Person last night, we were discussing why I was even setting up this web site, since I already devote a large amount of time to the Financial Aid Podcast. The essence of discussion was simply this:

Your show is you. You are not your show.

Your show is you. Unless you’re podcasting with someone else or a team, as in the case of the many couplecasts out there, or shows like Scriggity that have a team behind them, your show is you. You provide the visual, verbal, and textual personality behind your show, and without you, there really wouldn’t be a show, or certainly, the community that currently enjoys your show might have their appreciation be altered or decline without you. Some shows have made the transition successfully to new personalities, such as Rocketboom, but for the most part, if a host discontinues podcasting, the show simply fades away.

You are not your show. There are a multitude of topics I’d love to be able to bring to the Financial Aid Podcast if it were a personal show, but it’s not. I refrain, because of the divisiveness of it, from discussing politics in any great depth. Religion, taxes, belief systems of any kind, food, recipes, and so forth – all have little or nothing to do with financial aid except as analogies and metaphors, and all are things that at one point or another, I’ve wished I could post something about, but couldn’t because the Financial Aid Podcast wasn’t the right forum for it.

That’s what this site is. Don’t get me wrong – the Financial Aid Podcast will continue to be my flagship media focus in virtually every way, but when I want to go off topic, here is where I’ll be. For example, I think the George Foreman Grill is a lousy grill. It really is. What it’s good at is making grilled sandwiches, panini, etc., but as a grill, it has a hard time with anything thicker than a slice of bread.

The idea behind this site came from two sources – Mitch Joel for encouraging me to create a digital identity independent of the podcast, and C.C. Chapman, who already manages several distinct digital identities, and whose template I’m more or less copying.

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