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Behold the power of StumbleUponFirst things first. StumbleUpon amazes me. I left the office today around 4 PM and Stumbled the blog. In the 6 hours that have elapsed, StumbleUpon has added nearly 150 new visitors to my little blog, and 99.3% of those visitors are new. It’s amazing how powerful StumbleUpon is – it’s truly a Digg-killer in every aspect, including ease of use and traffic that isn’t overtly hostile to the content producers. You Stumblers rock.

Challenging class this evening. We examined a lot of material, including pre-conflict indicators. A lot to process, but initial lessons are very promising. What things give away that a fight is about to erupt? What precursors and warning signs are there? One thing I always note in newspaper accounts about any kind of violent crime is that some boob inevitably says, “Oh, but he was such a nice guy. There were no warning signs at all!”, usually accompanied by the equally inevitable, “I can’t believe this happened here. Things like this never happen here.” Tonight’s class was part of addressing how to not be that boob on TV looking so shocked.

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