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How many blog posts haven’t you read yet?

How many podcasts haven’t you listened to yet?

How many messages in your inbox are just languishing there?

Some of them are landmines. After all, yesterday was April Fool’s Day, but you might not get to those April 1 blog posts in your RSS reader for a while – how embarrassing would it be in a week to start tweeting, blogging, or podcasting about something that folks knew was a joke 6 days earlier?

April 2 is the best day of the year to simply click Mark All As Read or Archive or whatever mechanism you use for a clean start. Lots of people do this on January 1, but re-blogging a post from December 31 isn’t as big a deal as re-blogging a prank as a serious article on April 2.

So click that Mark All As Read button, force yourself to go to Inbox Zero today, and make sure that April Fool’s Jokes stay contained to April 1. Celebrate a clean new inbox on April 2!

Happy International Mark All As Read Day!

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