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I get on a plane this afternoon to head back to Boston.

A few people have asked whether I feel anything about flying on the anniversary of 9/11.

Heck no.

We now have the greatest security system in the world on our planes. No, not the TSA. Not Homeland Security. All of that is very expensive window dressing that does nothing to improve our security.

No, our greatest security system on our planes is the understanding that hijackers will kill everyone, and as a result, the passengers have nothing to lose by resisting.

Put simply, if you try to hijack a plane for any reason in the United States of America, the passengers are going to beat the living snot out of you and then mummify you with whatever they have on hand.

We could eliminate the TSA tomorrow and still be just as safe, if not safer. Heck, instead of the billions spent on airport luggage screening, spend $3 per seat and just put billy clubs next to the air sickness bags.

This is the America I know and love – don’t mess with the bull. You’ll get the horns.

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