Give me a minute, please?

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In the next 10 minutes, someone will die of leukemia.

This is a good thing.

40 years ago the survival rate was 14% – or a death every 3 minutes.

Light the NightYour support of me and my family as we’ve done the Light the Night walk the last 3 years has helped stretch out that time to 10 minutes.

Your support again this year could mean another minute.

Another minute means about 2,000 more people live another year, live to see their kids smile just a little longer, live to hug their mother just another day.

Another minute means a little more time to find the cure.

Can you afford to contribute right now to help find that minute?

If you can, please donate.

If not, I understand. Times are tight. Please at the very least Tweet and blog this post.

But if you can, thank you. Click here to donate.

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