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PodCamp Boston 3 is asking all participants to be sponsors this year, to take the ultimate step up and co-sponsor the UnConference. After lengthy debate last year with Chris Brogan, PodCamp Boston 3 would become a co-sponsored event for two primary reasons:

  1. Last year, we planned for 1,000 participants based on registration of nearly 1,500. Instead, we ended up with about 775. As a result, we had 225 shirts and other materials left over. Granted, the local homeless shelters were pleased with the outcome, but that was an expenditure of sponsor resources that was unwise. We could have instead invested those resources to provide more benefits to people who actually showed up.
  2. PodCamp Boston is evolving to bring new focus to the event. Many people have commented to me over the last year that they wished PodCamp Boston 2 had been more intimate, more focused, less of a conference feel to it, which is nearly impossible with 775 people. Asking participants for a tangible, financial commitment to the event will help to bring more of the focus that participants have been asking for.

For those for whom setting aside 61 cents a day for the next 84 days would present a serious obstacle, there are still MANY, MANY free PodCamps – DC and New York City over the next two weeks are both free, and lots of other PodCamps are showing up every day on PodCamp.org.

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Why PodCamp Boston 3 asks you to sponsor it for $50 1 Why PodCamp Boston 3 asks you to sponsor it for $50 2 Why PodCamp Boston 3 asks you to sponsor it for $50 3

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