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A few initial thoughts…

1. The MacBook Air is a lovely product, designed for the road warrior. I foresee great uses for it for conferences and things, but it’s not going to be a media machine. 80 GB will go awfully fast. 1 USB port and no Firewire are also inhibitors. Look for Multi-touch features on future MacBooks and MacBook Pros if you want the cool stuff – I’d bet WWDC.

iPod Touch Lyrics2. The iPod Touch and iPhone have lyrics restored – so if you’re a podcaster, be sure you’re copying and pasting your show notes into the lyrics tab for all the world to see as a self contained show.

3. iTunes continues to be the venue of choice, unsurprisingly, for Apple devices. If your podcast isn’t in iTunes, it’s not in any of Apple’s stuff.

That’s the immediate takeaways for new media producers.